All Things Essential

*Essential Oils are not scary if used properly! Proper use will benefit your health and overall wellness!*

I have a few safety 101 beginner tips I will share with you here. 


  1. Always start small. DILUTE, DILUTE DILUTE!!! Use only ONE drop until you know how the chemistry of your body reacts to each individual oil.
  2. When Diffusing, always start with less. If the label says to use 8-10 drops, start with only 1-3.
  3. Check labels for ingestion. you can NOT ingest every oil. Some are made for topical use only, i.e.; PanAway. 
  4. When using oils on children. DILUTE, DILUTE, DILUTE!!! the ration should be 1:40/50 or so. That is one drop EO to 40/50 drops carrier oil.
  5. Keep your oils stored out of the reach of children.
  6. Some oils are considered 'hot oils', i.e.; Thieves. This may cause a slight skin reaction/burning. Follow the instructions on the label to ensure safety of use.
  7. If you get any of the oils in your eyes. DO NOT rinse with water. Water and oil, do NOT mix. Drop a few drops of carrier oil into eye to dilute oil.
  8. If any of the oils start to cause a reaction on application site, DO NOT use water to try to 'wash' it away. Once again, they do not mix. Use a heavy, fatty carrier oil and then wipe with cloth. 
  9. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call your healthcare provider. (I strongly recommend you let your doctor know you are using essential oils or plan to. Our doctors are aware of and have always been very supportive of our use of EOs for our family)
  10. Essential Oils should NOT take the place of Modern Medicine if needed. These oils help promote overall health and wellness but should not replace doctor's orders if modern medicine is necessary .
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