All Things Essential

Sign Up Instructions for the New Virtual Office:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose "become a member" WHOLESALE to receive a 24% discount on all Young Living products. *please note there is no obligation to sell anything ever and there is no minimum to buy each month as a member.
  3. Enter 1705460 in the Sponsor AND Enroller ID fields.
  4. Enter your personal information. You will create a username, password (with at least one capital letter, one lowercase letter, and one number) and a 4 digit pin number. Keep this information!
  5. Choose tax information. This will ONLY be used for tax purposes if you ever choose to sell Young Living oils.
  6. Choose the Premium Starter kit (the only one that comes with essential oils). You will get 11 oils, a diffuser, some samples & literature for $150. It's an amazing deal worth over $300! Near the enrollment check out button, there in small blue print is a spot that says something like "add more products", that is where you go if you want to add anything else to this order. 
  7. Feel free to skip the Essential Rewards program. It's a monthly autoship that you will want to get in once you LOVE your oils... but I want you to love them first!
  8. Finish the check out process and..
  9. ​Jump up & down and do a happy dance!
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