All Things Essential

HERE are my top ten safety rules. Safety first!

Safety 101:


Many Essential Oils have been altered. Companies may have added synthetic fragrances, composites, & add-ins of many kinds! With Young Livings SeedToSeal process, you can have 100% trust in the pure quality of the oils.

Are all 'Essential Oils' created the same? It says 'Therapeutic', does that mean its top grade?

*You can also benefit from Essential Oils by using them for cleaning, face/body care along with skin care. So you do not expose yourself to dangerous chemicals found in so many of these every-day products! Young living also offers many of these natural products infused with these essential oils! EEEK! 

Changes happening at your cellular level does not just mask symptoms, it gets to the bottom of the problem and addresses it. Why would you damage your liver or stomach taking OTC pills/creams that have a chemical synthetic make-up for a head pressure when you can just treat it with something natural that actually helps with the mechanisms of your body as well! Same is true for insomnia, anxiety, depression, hormonal issues, muscle fatigue and soreness, cuts, scrapes, burns, overall wellness, energy…etc….the list goes on… NOW YOU CAN! Theres an oil for THAT!!!

Bottom Line:

There are THREE ways! What are they? Diffuse, topical, or take internally. *note, not ALL oils are for internal use. Please check labels of individual oil or blend.* You will hear two terms frequently in the using of these oils. Neat = Straight from the bottle, no carrier oil. Diluted = Carrier oil mixed with the Essential Oil. Directions for proper dilution and/or if you can use it neat, are listed on each individual oil label as they all differ.  And remember! These Essential Oils I speak of are from Young Living. Using cheap, adulterated oils may pose serious health risks. Below, Young Living shares a video below of how to correctly use and benefit from the oils. In my book, safety comes first and foremost.

*not following recommended individual guidelines may result in serious injury.

So! How Do You Go About Using God's Gifts?

Wonder why you should care about essential oils? What are they? They are in 'essence' the liquid that make up the plants or trees 'immune system'. This liquid is extracted by steam distillation, and or, cold pressing of the plant. Young Living only uses unadulterated plants and trees for this process. The molecules of these oils are so tiny, they can access and enter every cell in the human body.

So why should you care about these tiny molecules entering your cells? Because they can promote valuable psychological, spiritual and physical balance. They were created by God and have been in practice for thousands of years. These oils are so tiny, they can digest and rid of toxins inside cells in the body.  This is why some may experience a short bout of 'detox' when first beginning the oils.  They are also oxygenating, which is important for normal due process of fighting diseases within the cells. Lack of oxygen in cells provide a feast for disease.

Now how can they help me? With the cells talk out of the way, there are many ways to benefit from essential oils. To begin, essential oils can replace plenty of over-the-counter drugs that can cause scary side effects! Although we are not allowed to make medical claims, there are people across the world that can give you personal testimonies of how they have been free from OTC drugs using oils all naturally! (me included) You can read many of these testimonies when you purchase your PSK & join our private FaceBook page along with access to ask any questions you may have with personal ailments! 

How To Use Essential Oils

What is an Essential Oil?
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