I strive to provide my family with overall happiness and wellness.  They are my world, my rocks, my everything!  I live daily trying to better myself for them.  To show them passion and consideration, in hopes to bring up my two boys, Breydan (12) & Paris Lee (4) to be God fearing strong men of His word. 

I am passionate about Essential Oils. I use them daily in cleaning and health, and I want more families to have access to such blessings as I have.  It feels amazing to be able to spray my counter tops down with a cleaning product that cuts grease, shines the granite and is 100% safe for my 2 boys to eat their food off of right after.  To be able to brush our teeth with a toothpaste that does not contain harmful chemicals.  To have access to an oil (Lavender) that helps calm my son's tantrums and helps us all sleep better at night.  Down to being able to make our own Play Dough using the EO's as an additive! 

I hope you will follow along with me in this amazing journey called Life! I love feedback!  Please visit my Facebook Page Facebook/OilyMum and 'LIKE' it to view different fun and quirky ideas I find intriguing!  Also follow me on Instagram at @OilyMum for fun pics of our latest journeys! I also have a blog at OilyMum.me  =)

I hope this page has found you and your family in good health. Blessings!

Elishia Lockwood.

Creator of OilyMum.com

Elishia Lockwood

 All Things Essential

Who Am I


‚ÄčI am a Christian, a wife, daughter, best friend, a Silver Rank with Young Living ,Lemon Dropper & a mother of two boys. My passion in life is equipping my family with healthier options whether it be cuisine, medicinal, cleaning products or anything that may otherwise be pernicious.  I enjoy beach vacations with my husband, playing at the pool with my boys or cozying up with a hot tea and a satisfying book. 

I love sharing my passions.  My DIY projects, my recipes, my love for Jesus, my life journeys and essential oils. 

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